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Is Line Used In The Production Of Sponge Iron

  • Sponge iron fines supply in bulk - Simurgh Industrial and

    sponge iron fines top is one of the byproducts produced from steel mills, which is used in iron briquette production units. Commercial sales softness of the sponge iron from varied ideas for the introduction of this kind of goods used to being up able in all directions, and the buyers of this product are covered, and the best goods in the field provided them with the

  • Triple Bottom Line

    Sponge iron being an intermediate product is sold as such. The company operates three kilns with an installed capacity of 3,90,000 tons per annum to produce Sponge Iron. Prime users of Sponge Iron are secondary steel producers, operating induction furnaces or electric arc furnaces for producing steel

  • (PDF) Spontaneous burning of sponge iron | varun suri

    No.1, Issue No. I, July ISSN-2319-8354 Fig – 1, Sponge Iron Sponge iron is the product created by heating an iron ore at a temperature high enough to burn off its oxygen and carbon content but below iron's melting point. Concept of Sponge Iron:- The appearance of iron ore is completely changed when it gets converted to sponge iron of its

  • High-pressure briquetting of iron ore fines & sponge

    Use of sponge iron briquettes in place of sponge iron nes will result in higher steel recovery, lower energy consumption, lower cost of melting, lower slag formation & higher lining life. GoodRich has installed 2 briquetting press lines in India for sponge iron nes. By using a line pressure of 10,000 kg/cm, these briquettes have reached a

  • Hot-Sale Coal Based Sponge Iron Production Line Made in

    Hot-Sale Coal Based Sponge Iron Production Line Made in China, Find details about China Sponge Iron, Sponge Iron Production from Hot-Sale Coal Based Sponge Iron Production Line Made in China - Henan Dajia Mining Machinery Co., Ltd

  • is limestone used in the production of sponge iron

    What is Sponge Iron? (with pictures) - wiseGEEK. Jun 02, 2020 Sometimes known as direct-reduced iron, sponge iron is a product that is produced using iron ore.The iron ore is often in the form of pellets or lumps, and is subjected to a reduction process that is created by the use of a reducing gas that emits from coal or a natural gas source

  • sponge iron used in induction furnace - Simurgh iron and

    The sponge iron used in induction furnace should have a high metallization rate to achieve the desired efficiency. In the sale of sponge iron, it is very important to pay attention to the kind of consumer furnace. The sale of sponge iron as a product of the interface between the mining industry and steel makers is used by manufacturers who use arc furnaces and induction

  • Steel making process - ArcelorMittal

    In the former process, iron ore is the main raw material. In an electric furnace, scrap iron is used and occasionally also sponge iron. Sponge is an intermediate product, which is produced from iron ore by means of direct reduction (= DRI or directly reduced iron) and that is then further reduced and smelted in an electric furnace

  • Glossary of Steel Industry Terms - American Iron and Steel

    Normally used for iron ore dust collected from the blast furnaces. Pellets. Iron ore or limestone particles are rolled into little balls in a balling drum and hardened by heat. Briquettes. Small lumps are formed by pressing material together. Hot Briquetted Iron (HBI) is a concentrated iron ore substitute for scrap for use in electric furnaces

  • HYBRIT initiative produces first hydrogen-reduced sponge iron

    Jun 22, 2021 The HYBRIT pilot plant in Lule , Sweden, has completed test production of sponge iron and demonstrates that it is possible to use fossil-free hydrogen gas to reduce iron ore instead of using coal and coke to remove the oxygen. Around 100 metric tons of sponge iron have been produced so far. This is the first time ever that hydrogen made with fossil-free

  • Guidelines And Standard Operating Procedure

    Utilization of Spent ion exchange resin generated from Demineralization (DM) plant in DRI Kiln of Sponge iron. ... (SOP) for Utilization of Used/Waste Thinner generated from cleaning of paint feeding lines using Solvent, for production of industrial Primer to

  • Safety and health in the iron and steel industry

    Feb 09, 2005 This new code, which reflects the many changes in the industry, its workforce, the roles of the competent authorities, employers, workers and their organizations, and on the development of new ILO instruments on occupational safety and health, focuses on the production of iron and steel and basic iron and steel products, such as rolled and coated

  • Direct Reduction Iron Production Line Dri Sponge Iron

    Direct Reduction Iron Production Line DRI Sponge Iron Production Plant . Introduction. Direct-reduced iron (DRI), also called sponge iron, is produced from direct reduction of iron ore (in the form of lumps, pellets or fines) by a reducing gas produced from natural gas or coal

  • Sponge Iron - an overview | ScienceDirect Topics Direct Reduced Iron. DRI, also known as sponge iron, is the product of reducing iron oxide in the form of iron ore and steel plant wastes into metallic iron, below the melting point of iron and typically in the range of 800–1200 C. Iron oxide is charged into shaft furnace, rotary kiln, or fluidized beds in the form of pellet, iron ore lumps, or fines

  • Sponge iron production in tunnel kiln – Aramico Company

    Although iron powder could be produced in sponge iron tunnel kiln production line and it is the main raw material for powder metallurgy production lines. Process . In sponge iron production plant by tunnel kiln method, after crushing and screening raw materials, iron ore, coal and limestone are mixed and charged in storage bins in certain ratios

  • Sponge Iron Production Process - Arij Trading

    Sponge iron production process discussed herein are selected from known methods of which the references are available and referable. We look at the 4 different methods of producing sponge iron: Midrex process. HYL process (4th generation) or Energiron. SL / RN process. Tunnel furnace process

  • CN1818081A - Production of sponge iron - Google

    The invention is about the producing method of the sponge iron. The process is: (1) make the material into the double iron oxide ball; (2) put the double iron oxide ball and the reductant into the reaction tank to get the sponge iron ball mass; (3) put the mass into the thermal insulating flume to separate the reductant, to remove the C, S,O in the protection of the N2 or the H2 to


    Limestone is used as a de-sulphuriser in the production of sponge iron. Typical specification of limestone is given below – CHEMICAL COMPOSITION PERCENTAGE MIX MgO 22% (Minimum) CaO 28% (Maximum)

  • Iron Sponge Process - an overview | ScienceDirect

    Iron sponge process uses a single vessel to contain the hydrated ferric oxide wood shavings. Inlet gas line should have taps for Sampling for sulfide Temperature measurement Pressure gauge Injection nozzle for methanol, water or inhibitors

  • Sponge Iron Industry: An Analysis

    mand for sponge iron. Sponge iron production is expected to grow by 14 % in 2011-12 and by 18.4% in 2012-13. Pricing Scenario: Sponge iron prices ape the trend in steel prices. Currently, sponge iron Mumbai prices are hovering around `18,500 per tonne. According to CMIE, steel prices are expected to

  • SPONGE IRON INDUSTRY - Centre for Science and

    India is the world’s largest producer of sponge iron, accounting for 13 per cent of the global production 8. Sponge iron is produced using either coal or natural gas. Since coal is available in India, the sector largely depends on coal based sponge iron which contributes about 80 per cent of the total capacity in the country9

  • SPONGE-IRON - Shakambhari Group

    Sponge Iron. SIPL is operating 4 x 100 TPD Direct Reduced Iron Rotary Kilns for production of 2000 TPA Sponge Iron at Purulia, using the proven German SL/RN technology. Sponge Iron, also known as Direct Reduced Iron is produced from Hematite Iron ore (5 to 18 mm size) by removing the oxygen by direct reduction process using non coking coal as the fuel and

  • Reducing step by step by step - voestalpine

    Oct 06, 2021 Pig iron and sponge iron can be added to the scrap. Sponge iron is a prematerial for steel production, consisting of directly reduced iron ore with few impurities. It is produced using reformed natural gas. When we supplement our crude steel production with the blast furnace/LD converter route with electric arc furnaces, we will use sponge iron as well as