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World copper reserves by country

  • Copper Data Sheet - Mineral Commodity Summaries 2020

    Other countries 3,540 3,800 220,000 World total (rounded) 20,400 20,000 870,000 World Resources: A 2014 U.S. Geological Survey assessment of copper deposits indicated that identified resources contained about 2.1 billion tons of copper, and undiscovered resources contained an estimated 3.5 billion

  • The top 10 biggest copper mines in the world - Mining

    Nov 04, 2013 The top 10 biggest copper mines in the world. Chile, the world's largest copper producing country, hosts six of the ten largest copper mines in the world, while the remaining four are located in Peru, Mexico and Indonesia. profiles the ten biggest copper mines in the world, based on contained reserves

  • The World's 20 Largest Copper Mines - ThoughtCo

    Nov 25, 2019 The list below is compiled from the International Copper Study Group's World Copper Factbook 2019. Beside each mine's name is the country that it is located in and its annual production capacity in metric kilotons. A metric ton is equal to about 2,200 pounds. A metric kiloton (kt) is 1,000 metric tons

  • list of countries by proven copper reserves

    List of countries by proven oil reserves: Wikis: Advertisements , This is a list of countries by proven reserves of oil based on The World Factbook for the 1 January Country Reserves Share; 1 , Aluminum Al 2 O 3 Bauxite Bismuth Copper

  • Copper Handbook - World Bank

    important copper consuming sectors in all the countries shown. B. World Copper Reserves and Resources 7. /1 In contrast to iron and aluminum, copper is a geochemically scarce element. While iron and aluminum are estimated to constitute 5.80% and 8.00%

  • Peak copper - Wikipedia

    Reserves. Copper is a fairly common element, with an estimated concentration of 50–70 ppm (0.005–0.007 percent) in earth's crust (1 kg of copper per 15–20 tons of crustal rock). A concentration of 60 ppm would multiply out to 1.66 quadrillion tonnes over the 2.77e22 kg mass of the crust, or over 90 million years' worth at the 2013 production rate of 18.3 MT per year

  • 15 Countries Sitting on a Fortune of Metals and Minerals

    Sep 01, 2011 15) Guinea has $222 billion in metal & ore reserves. Bauxite mine. 100% of value is in Bauxite. 444 years of production. Source: Citi (2010)

  • Top six countries with the largest nickel reserves in the

    Feb 11, 2021 The country increased its production of the metal by 7% in 2020 to reach 170,000 tonnes, although, despite its vast reserves, is only the fifth-largest nickel-producing country in the world. The vast majority of Australia’s nickel reserves are located in the state of Western Australia, with most production coming from mines at Mount Keith and

  • Which countries produce copper? | AnswersDrive

    The country produced about 3.6 billion tonnes (Bt) of coal in 2012 accounting for over 47% of the world's total coal output. 5 How copper is mined and processed?

  • Top 50 Countries with Largest Gold Reserves 2021

    Gold Reserves by Country. The United States is the world's largest holder of gold with official gold reserves of 8,134 tonnes. Germany is the second largest holder of gold in the world. The Deutsche Bundesbank currently holds approximately 3,363 tonnes of gold. Central banks are the main gold buyers with net purchases of 273 metric tonnes in 2020

  • Natural resources - The World Factbook

    This entry lists a country's mineral, petroleum, hydropower, and other resources of commercial importance, such as rare earth elements (REEs). ... small reserves of gold, platinum, copper, potash, natural gas, hydropower. European Union. ... note 1: the US has the world's largest coal reserves with 491 billion short tons accounting for 27% of

  • Copper Production by Country (Metric tons)

    Bar chart showing the major producers of Copper in the world

  • Copper reserves global distribution by country

    9 rows Mar 29, 2021 In 2019, Chile had the world's largest reserves of copper, with around a 23 percent share of

  • Copper - USGS

    Copper content of blister and anodes: Finland, 75%; Malaysia, 19%; and other, 6%. Copper content of matte, ash, and precipitates: Canada, 27%; Mexico, 21%; Spain, 11%; Belgium, 10%; and other, 31%. Copper content of ore and concentrates: Mexico, 99%; and other, 1%. Copper content of scrap: Canada, 55%; Mexico, 33%; and other, 12%

  • How much copper has been found in the world? | U.S

    This would fit into a cube measuring about 890 meters on a side. Of the identified copper that has yet to be taken out of the ground, about 65% is found in just five countries on Earth -- Chile, Australia, Peru, Mexico, and the United States. Learn more: USGS commodity website for copper

  • Copper Statistics and Information | U.S. Geological

    By National Minerals Information Center. Statistics and information on the worldwide supply of, demand for, and flow of the mineral commodity copper. Zambia is the eighth largest copper producer in the world. USGS assessments estimated that the potential for undiscovered copper deposits in Zambia is larger than once thought