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Largest gold mining country in the world

  • Gold production top countries 2020 - Statista

    Apr 06, 2021 China, Australia, Russia, and the United States are respectively the largest producers of gold in the world. Global production of gold reached approximately 3,200 metric tons in 2020. Production

  • Top 10 Gold Producing Countries | USGI - US-FUNDS

    Below are more details on the top 10 countries with the largest gold production in 2019, beginning with the top producer and top consumer of bullion, China. All data is from the World Gold Council. 1. China – 383.2 tonnes. For many years, China has been the top producing nation, accounting for 11 percent of global mine production

  • Global gold mine reserves by country 2020 | Statista

    May 20, 2021 Australia and Russia hold the largest reserves of gold. Australia and Russia hold a large share of the world’s gold mine reserves

  • Which country has the most gold mines in the world

    Sep 16, 2019 Once again, China was the largest producer of gold in the world, mining 420 MT in 2019. 2) Australia. Gold production in Australia had another high-performing year, reaching 330 MT in 2019, up from 315 MT in 2018

  • The world's biggest gold mines: Top ten

    Jan 30, 2020 Ten largest gold mines in the world. South Africa and the US host two each of the world’s ten largest gold mines, while Indonesia, Russia, Papua New Guinea, Chile, Australia, and the Dominican Republic house the remaining. South Deep gold mine in South Africa has the largest gold deposits in the world

  • RANKED: World's top 10 biggest gold mines

    Apr 21, 2021 To see which mining operations were the biggest contributors to the world’s gold output, and sister company MiningIntelligence collaborated to provide a

  • Top 10 Countries with Largest Gold Reserves | USGI

    In seventh place is Switzerland, which actually has the world’s largest reserves of gold per capita. During World War II, the neutral country became the center of the gold trade in Europe, making transactions with both the Allies and Axis powers. Today, much of its gold trading is done with Hong Kong and China. 6. China. Tonnes: 1

  • The World’s Top 10 Gold Mining Companies - Elements by

    Oct 19, 2021 Together, the world’s top 10 gold miners produced 27.48 million ounces (Moz) in 2020, worth approximately $48 billion, according to data from Mining Intelligence. North America Leading. At a country level, China is the largest producer in the world accounting for around 11% of total global production

  • Largest gold companies - Wikipedia

    Notes – Kinross Gold was 13.50 billion in May before it acquired Red Back Mining. Osisko Mining was $10 million in 2005 and $3.5 billion May 2010. South Africa. The world's 5th largest gold producer (170 tons in 2012) that is home to two of the world's ten largest gold mines. As recently as 2007 South Africa was the world's top gold producer

  • The Biggest Mining Companies in the World in 2021

    Aug 04, 2021 A $57 billion gap separates the top 3 from the rest of the group. In fourth place comes Glencore ($55B) with its mixed operations of trading and mining metals, agricultural products, and oil and gas.. The automotive industry is a big consumer of metals, which explains Norilsk Nickel’s ($54B) fifth place. The company, owned by the wealthiest man in Russia, is

  • Which Country is the World's Largest Producer of Gold

    Jun 05, 2019 The most important part of US gold mining history may be the California Gold Rush, but gold mining in the United States dates back to at least the 1700s. Today, the United States is the world's fourth-largest gold producer. Nevada is the largest producer of gold of all the US states, followed by Alaska

  • The 40 largest mining companies in the world

    Aug 10, 2019 The globe’s largest mining companies are enjoying boom times. Between 2017 and this year, the combined revenue of the 40 largest miners in the world has increased from $632 billion to $686 billion, while profitability (EBITDA) jumped by

  • World’s 10 Largest Gold Mines by Production | INN

    Jul 31, 2019 Without further ado, here are the 10 largest gold mines in the world by production. 1. Grasberg. Production: 75.1 tonnes. The Grasberg mining district is located in Indonesia and is the largest

  • Top 10 Largest Gold Producing Countries In The World

    Feb 15, 2019 Though gold production in Mexico declined slightly in 2017, it remains one of the world’s largest gold producing countries. It has more than doubled its bullion output since 2008. In recent years, the mining sector has been facing challenges due to fluctuating prices and maturing gold mines

  • Gold Production by Country | Gold Production

    Jun 16, 2021 Gold mining is a global business with operations on every continent, except Antarctica, and gold is extracted from mines of widely varying types and scale. At a country level, China was the largest producer in the world in 2020 and accounted for around 11 per cent of total global production. Our interactive gold mining map provides a breakdown of the top gold

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