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Shaking table x and y

  • Earthquake Shaking Table - A World List of Shaking Tables

    Below is an attempt to create a definitive list of shaking tables around the world that are used for seismic testing. The list is almost certainly not complete and not all the data has been verified by the shaking table owners. If you operate a shaking table please help by correcting and updating and adding to this list

  • (PDF) Numerical Simulation of Shaking Table Test of a RC

    10 10 10 9 Point A x_dir 9 Point A y_dir 9 Point B x_dir Calculated-fixed 8 8 8 base 7 Measured 7 7 6 6 6 SA (g) SA (g) SA (g) Calculated- 5 shaking table 5 5 4 4 4 3 3 3 2 2 The comparison of Spectra at Points A,B,C and D for experimental data, fixed base and shaking table calculated data for third floor (PGA=0.7g, damping ratio=5 5

  • E-Defense Shaking Table Test on the Behavior of

    a shaking table test of largea -scale model with liquefiable sand deposit was performed at the E-Defense shaking table testing facility. The model in a rigid container 16 meters long, 4 meters wide and 5 meters high had a pile-foundation structure behind caissontype - quay wall

  • Behaviour of 3D RC frames placed at different angles on

    the X and Y directions. Key words: reinforced-concrete frame, shaking table, dynamic testing, failure mode Prethodno priopćenje Fatih Bahadir, Fatih S leyman Balik Ponašanje prostornih ab okvira postavljenih pod raznim kutovima na potresni stol U radu se analizira ponašanje ab okvira postavljenih pod raznim kutovima (dvoosno) na potresni stol

  • Spectral analysis of layered sites using shaking table tests

    Mar 12, 2019 Shaking table test device. The shaking table test was carried out at the Nuclear Power Institute of China (NPIC). The shaking table device has six degrees of freedom, the shaking table size is 6 6 m, the carrying capacity is 600 KN, the maximum lateral displacement is 150 mm, the maximum vertical displacement is 100 mm, the maximum acceleration under

  • Shaking table test and time-history analysis of high-rise

    Table 3 The position of the transducers of the shaking table test Floor Transducers position Floor Displacement gauges position Direction Floor Displacement gauges position Direction 101 N,M Parking apron C,A,A X ,Y ,X Parking apron D,B Y,X 97 G,G,G,E Top floor C,A,A X ,Y ,X Top floor D,B Y,X 72 L,H 99 C,A,A X ,Y ,X 97 D,B Y,X

  • Shake Tables - Structural Engineering and Earthquake

    For earthquake simulations, one of the services we provide are shake tables. Currently, there are two, relocatable, 7.0m x 7.0m platforms with six-degrees of freedom. Each table is capable of 50 tons payload. A 3.6 x 3.6 meter table platform of welded steel construction with a weight of

  • Shaking table tests of lightly RC walls: Numerical

    the Y direction. The model was designed for an acceleration equal to 0,50 g at the level of the table, in the X direction, and of 0,25 g in the Y direction. This corresponds to a peak ground acceleration of 0,25 g in both directions for the real building [Bisch and Coin

  • Frontiers | Shaking Table Test on Dynamic Response of

    Dec 01, 2020 Keywords: shaking table test, bedding rock slopes, dynamic response, peak acceleration amplification coefficient, failure mechanism. Citation: Yang C, Zhang L, Liu Y, Tian D, Guo X and Liu Y (2020) Shaking Table Test on Dynamic Response of Bedding Rock Slopes With Weak Structural Plane Under Earthquake. Front. Phys. 8:556714. doi: 10.3389/fphy

  • Earthquake Ground Motion Matching on a Small

    ResearchArticle Earthquake Ground Motion Matching on a Small Electric Shaking Table Using a Combined NN-PDFF Controller Selma H. Larbi ,1 Nouredine Bourahla,2 Hacine Benchoubane,3 Khireddine Choutri,3 and Mohammed Badaoui4 1LGMGCLaboratory,CivilEngineeringDepartment,UniversityofSaadDahleb,Blida,Algeria

  • Experiences, accomplishments, lessons, and challenges

    Figure 1. E-Defense facilities: (A) overview of shaking table, (B) configuration of table, (C) 4 gas engines, and (D) 20 accumulators Table 1. Major specifications of E-Defense table Size 20 m 9 15 m Payload 12 000 kN Shaking direction X, Y and Z directions + yawing, pitching, and rolling Max. displacement X and Y directions: 1.0 m Z

  • Earthquake Simulator Laboratory | Pacific Earthquake

    Structurally, the table may be considered as a one foot thick diaphragm, stiffened by central transverse ribs that extend below the table's bottom surface. The eight hydraulic actuators that drive X and Y motion, along with yaw, are attached between the Shaking Table foundation and the tables transverse ribs