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Spiral classifier parameters

  • (PDF) Optimisation of Operational Parameters of a

    Fig. 4 Simulated Prediction Profile for Mn Grade (%) as a Function of Spiral Classifier Operational Parameters 48 GMJ Vol. 20, No.1, June, 2020 Current condition Spiral speed =20 rev/min 4% Feed rate = 6 t/h Washing time = 30 min Baseline Condition Spiral speed =25 rev/min Feed rate = 6 t/h Washing time = 60 min Fig. 5 Mn Grade (%) as a Function of Plant Condition and

  • Spiral Classifier for Mineral Processing

    Aug 06, 2015 The spiral classifier such as the Akins classifier consists of a semi-cylindrical trough (a trough that is semicircular in cross-section) inclined to the horizontal. The trough is provided with a slow-rotating spiral conveyor and a liquid overflow at the lower end. The spiral conveyor moves the solids which settle to the bottom upward toward the top of the trough

  • Spiral Classifier | Screw Classifier - JXSC Machine

    Feb 06, 2018 Spiral classifier features: 1. Low power consumption; 2. Heavy-duty, long working life; 3. Powerful self-contained spiral lifting device; 4. Continuous spiral raking; 5. High classifying efficiency; 6. Wide choice of weir height; 7. Rigid tank and substructure; 8. Wide choice of tank design; 9. A wide range of industries serviced

  • Spiral Classifier for Mining & Beneficiation - Mineral

    Jul 09, 2020 Spiral Dia. Spiral Speed: Output: Motor Power: Weight: Circulating Load: Overflow Quantity: Lift Lower: Drive: mm: r/min: t/24h: t/24h: kw: kw: t: FG-3: Φ300: 8.3-2.2: 30-80: 10-30: 2.2: 1.1: 0.67: FG-5: Φ500: 8.5-15.5: 143-261: 32: 2.2: 1.1: 1.6: FG-7: Φ750: 4.5-9.9: 256-564: 65: 2.2: 3: 2.83: FG-10: Φ1000: 3.5-7.6: 473-1026: 85: 2.2: 5.5: 4: FG-12: Φ1200: 5、6、7: 1170

  • Spiral Classifier - Haiwang Technology Group

    The spiral classifier is widely applied for the following fields: combine with ball grinder into closed circulation for ore-sand separation in the ore separation plant; classify ore sand and fine sludge in gravity ore separation plant; classify the grain of ore pulp at the metal ore separation process; and remove sludge/water at the ore separation process

  • Calculation of technological parameters for sludge spiral

    Download Citation | Calculation of technological parameters for sludge spiral-screw classifiers | The article discusses the work of a spiral-screw sludge

  • Lab Spiral Classifier - Mining and Mineral Processing

    Spiral classifier is a type of classifying equipment which realizes mechanical classification under the principle that materials settle in the liquid at different speeds due to different grain sizes and weighs: Fine grains float in the water and move out in case of overflow while coarse grains sinks to the bottom of tank which are then pushed

  • The Efficiency Change of Spiral Classifier with Different

    The basic structure, classification principle and low efficiency of the traditional spiral classifier were analyzed. The trial industrial comparative experiment was carried out by using φ300 4500 spiral classifier with the two-sided overflow and the port side overflow at the same parameter. The experimental results showed that, the qualified fine materials could overflow with the

  • Building a 2 Layer Network to Classify a Spiral Dataset

    Sep 29, 2017 It is evident that no linear classifier will be able to do a good job classifying spiral data where the boundary between two classes is a curve. A simple two layer network with RELU activation on the hidden layer automatically learns the decision boundaries and achieves a 99% classification accuracy on such a data set

  • Three Factors Affect the Classifying Effect of Spiral

    Sep 23, 2019 The spiral classifier is one of the important mineral processing equipment, whose working principle is to classify the materials by using the difference in the settling speed of solid particles in the liquid. The classifying effect of the spiral classifier will directly affect the content of the qualified product in the returned sand, thus affecting the grinding efficiency of the

  • COMPSCI 682 Neural Networks: A Modern Introduction

    The parameters of the linear classifier consist of a weight matrix W and a bias vector b for each class. Lets first initialize these parameters to be random numbers: # initialize parameters randomly W = 0.01 * np. random. randn ... Neural Network classifier crushes the spiral dataset

  • Submerged Spiral Classifier

    Spiral classifier working principle: Fine ore pulps are fed into water tank through feeding opening located in the center of settling zone. Beneath the inclined water tank is the ore pulp classification zone where ore pulps are stirred by low-speeded impellers. Fine ore particles are lifted up and then spilled out the overflow opening; coarse

  • Spiral Classifier,Spiral Separator,Screw Classifier,Screw

    The pedestal spiral classifier is made of box iron. The body is made of welding steel plates. The faucet and spindle nose of screw shaft are made of pig iron set which is wear-resisting durable. The take-up sets include two types power-driven and manual operation. PARAMETER Technical Parameters of Screw Separator

  • spiral classifier_Mineral processing Item_China Hengchang

    Technical parameters Product introduction Spiral classifier is widely used in mineral processing and forms one closed circulation with grinding equipment. It is applied for the per-classification, fine-grained mineral mud off, dehydration, washing, grading and so on. It can efficiently control mineral particle size, improve the grinding

  • An operational model for a spiral classifier - ScienceDirect

    Spiral classifiers. A typical spiral classifier is shown in Fig. 1. The geometry of a spiral is characterized by the length or number of turns, the diameter, the pitch and the shape of the trough (Burt, 1984). The spiral feed is a mixture of water and ground particles that is gravity fed at the top of the spiral

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