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Variational quantum classifier github

  • GitHub - andre-juan/variational_quantum_classifier

    Variational Quantum Classifier. In this repository, I implement a Variational Quantum Classifier (VQC), trained on the iris dataset. The algorithm is implemented from scratch, using only basic tools from Qiskit, with the goal of actually

  • GitHub - Kaustuvi/variational_quantum_classifier

    Jul 19, 2019 variational_quantum_classifier. This repo contains code for the implementation of a variational quantum classifier. References. paper

  • GitHub - igugras/Variational-Quantum-Classifier: An

    An introduction to Quantum Machine Learning, leveraging tools and algorithm classes built into Qiskit Machine Learning module. - GitHub - igugras/Variational-Quantum-Classifier: An introduction to Quantum Machine Learning, leveraging tools and algorithm classes built into Qiskit Machine Learning module

  • Variational Quantum Classifier

    Feb 22, 2021 For our example I will talk about the Variational Quantum Classifier which is an Hybrid Quantum-Classical algorithm that is used to classify data. In this demo I will be using Pennylane. 2) Algorithm. The Variational Quantum Classifier (VQC) is consists of three parts: Encoding or Embedding; Parametrized Quantum Circuit (Ansatz); Loss Function

  • GitHub - lfd/quantum-rl: Reinforcement Learning

    Deep Reinforcement Learning with Variational Quantum Circuits. Code accompanying the paper: Uncovering Instabilities in Variational-Quantum Deep Q-Networks , currently under review in the Journal of The Franklin Institute

  • Variational Quantum Classifier - Google Search

    Variational Quantum Classifier. Step 1: Prepare training data and perform data preprocessing; Step 2: Construct encoding circuit; Step 3: Construct variational circuit; Step

  • Case Study of Quantum Classifiers | Tonni Das Jui

    Apr 27, 2021 Case Study of Quantum Classifiers. Apr 27, 2021. In recent years, researchers are looking into data transformations in the quantum information space to see whether they may improve robustness and performance. The evolution of quantum mechanics occurred because it could explain specific scenarios in which conventional formulas failed

  • Designing Variational Quantum Algorithms with Tequila

    Hybrid quantum-classical algorithms Variational algorithms Applications: chemistry, QML, etc require the knowledge of the classical techniques to compare and test Many quantum computers in development; need

  • GitHub - Ydeh22/Quantum-Computing-1: Projects in Quantum

    Aug 13, 2021 Projects in Quantum Computing and Quantum information Theory (Qiskit, Algorithms, Circuits, Graph Theory and Quantum Mechanics) - GitHub - Ydeh22/Quantum-Computing-1: Projects in Quantum Computing and Quantum information Theory (Qiskit, Algorithms, Circuits, Graph Theory and Quantum Mechanics)

  • The Meta-Variational Quantum Eigensolver

    Variational Quantum Algorithms Quantum circuit that depend on

  • Algorithms — Qiskit 0.11.1 documentation - GitHub Pages

    Variational Quantum Classifier (VQC) Similar to QSVM, the VQC algorithm also applies to classification problems. VQC uses the variational method to solve such problems in a quantum processor. Specifically, it optimizes a parameterized quantum circuit to provide a solution that cleanly separates the data

  • Q1c. An analysis of the variational quantum classifier

    Jan 22, 2021 By now you should know how a variational quantum classifier works. The code for the previous series is at Github repo. Introduction. In binary classification, let’s say labelling if

  • Trainable Discrete Feature Embeddings for Variational

    Jun 17, 2021 GitHub, GitLab or BitBucket URL: * ... We numerically demonstrate its use in variational quantum classifiers to achieve better performances in classifying real-world datasets, and thus its possibility to leverage near-term quantum computers for quantum machine learning. read more

  • Building a Variational Quantum Classifier | Q-munity

    Building a Variational Quantum Classifier. In this tutorial, we will build a quantum machine learning algorithm that classifies and recognizes handwritten digits (whether a digit is 0 or 1) present in the MNIST dataset. We will make use of several dimensional reduction techniques, perform classical pre-processing and initialize our own quantum

  • Variational Quantum Linear Solver - Qiskit

    The Variational Quantum Linear Solver, or the VQLS is a variational quantum algorithm that utilizes VQE in order to solve systems of linear equations more efficiently than classical computational algorithms. Specifically, if we are given some matrix A A, such that A|x = |b A | x = | b , where |b | b is some known vector, the VQLS algorithm is

  • Hybrid quantum-classical classifier based on tensor

    Hybrid quantum-classical classifier based on tensor network and variational quantum circuit Samuel Yen-Chi Chen Computational Science Initiative Brookhaven National Laboratory Upton, NY 11973, USA [email protected] Chih-Min Huang Department of Physics National Taiwan University Taipei 10617, Taiwan [email protected] Chia-Wei Hsing Department of

  • [2105.10162] Variational Quantum Classifiers Through the

    May 21, 2021 In quantum computing, the variational quantum algorithms (VQAs) are well suited for finding optimal combinations of things in specific applications ranging from chemistry all the way to finance. The training of VQAs with gradient descent optimization algorithm has shown a good convergence. At an early stage, the simulation of variational quantum circuits on

  • Variational quantum tensor networks classifiers

    In this paper, we present a classification algorithm for variational quantum tensor networks (VQTN), which has higher performance on near-term processors. Motivated by the hybrid quantum–classical architecture, the truncated quantum tensor networks (QTN) outputs are fed into a classical neural network. We then utilize kernel encoding, circuit

  • Variational Quantum Classi er

    so-called Variational Quantum Eigensolver [12], an al-gorithm used to compute the ground state energy of a state. We propose a model named Variational Quantum Classi er (VQC), which behaves under similar heuris-tics. It involves a quantum circuit and a function de ned with its outcome, which will indeed depend on some free parameters

  • Quantum Variational Circuits: A practical alternative to

    Apr 28, 2021 Typically, variational circuits are trained by a classical optimization algorithm that makes queries to the quantum device. Data input to

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